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Electronic lock and keyless deadbolt on a commercial door in  Tampa, FL.

Electronic Locks & Keyless Deadbolts

Providing sales, installation, repairs and opening of electronic locks in Hillsborough & Pasco County.

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Electronic Lock & Keyless Deadbolt Services in Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Brandon & Surrounding Areas

At Cheap Lock & Key, we take security seriously, as should anyone with a home or business to protect. Standard metal keys are a thing of the past. Today, electronic locks & keyless deadbolts are becoming more popular. While the function and operation of conventional locks are relatively simple (insert the key and open door), the complexity lies in the internal mechanics of these locks. In today's internet and smartphone age, flimsy keys can be replaced with more modern and advanced security systems.

Electronic Locks - Replacing the standard lock.

Electronic locks are commonly used as the standard replacement for conventional locks. However, there are both advantages as well as vulnerabilities. The mechanics behind a basic electronic lock is pretty simple: buttons are pushed on a keypad thereby entering a code (instead of inserting a key). Since the electronic lock still uses a mechanical key cylinder, such a basic electronic lock doesn’t really offer additional security over that obtained by inserting a key into a conventional lock.

Today, there are some excellent high-tech electronic locks that can operate wirelessly, and with or without a keypad. The newer ones even use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. We offer a variety of newer model locks in stock for both commercial and residential use in order to keep your property safe.

Keyless Deadbolts - Superior security to traditional deadbolts.

Standard deadbolt locks have been around for quite some time. Given today's technological innovation surrounding home security, more advanced options now exist, including keyless deadbolts. These keyless entry systems are superior in many ways to the traditional mechanical deadbolt lock.

Here are just a few of the advantages that come with the security and convenience of keyless deadbolts:

  1. No more lost keys! With a keyless deadbolt security lock, you no longer need to fear losing or misplacing your keys.
  2. Save money. You will no longer need to spend money on having your locks replaced or rekeyed after losing your keys.
  3. Ease of access by use of touchscreen or keypad to enter your secret PIN. This is especially convenient for special needs or elderly individuals who might otherwise struggle with using keys to access their home.
  4. More access control. With a keyless deadbolt lock, you can now easily share your code (or even assign a temporary one) with those you wish to enable access. These temporary codes will expire after the time you specify elapses. No more hiding a key under the doormat!
  5. Easily change the password anytime you want.

New electronic lock with keyless deadbolt installed in Tampa, FL.

Serving Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Brandon and surrounding areas, we pride ourselves on staying up-to-date on the latest and most advanced security options. We are dedicated to keeping your assets conveniently secure. Speak with one of our expert locksmiths at (813) 545-5462 to find out more about the latest in residential or commercial security solutions, including electronic locks and keyless deadbolts.

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We Only Service the Greater Tampa Bay Area in Florida
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