Cutting a new key for your vehicle may have been easier 20 years ago, but with modern times comes new technology and the focus on safety and security. Newer GM vehicle models are utilizing the transponder key or keyless entry remote systems in their vehicles to add protection for both you and your vehicle.

Keyless Ignition Systems Are Standard in Many GM Models

Many GM vehicles, within the past four years, have turned to the standard of keyless ignition systems. While it is not standard across the board on GM vehicles, many of their models come with the option for a keyless ignition system, such as:

  • Chevy Cruz
  • Sonic
  • Spark
  • Trax
  • Suburban
  • Tahoe
  • GMC Yukon or Yukon XL

Losing a key for these cars can become a headache for the vehicle owner. The only way to get a new key cut for systems utilizing keyless entry is to have an entirely new key programmed for your vehicle.

Once a new key is programmed for your GM vehicle, all previously programmed keys are invalid!

What are the options for replacing the key for your GM vehicle with a keyless ignition system?

Replacing the keyless ignition system key on your GM automobile can become a pricey ordeal. Three options for replacement are:

  • Car dealership
  • Mail-order car-key vendor
  • Locksmith

Choosing to work with your car dealership, where the GM vehicle was purchased, will be the most expensive option for cutting your new keys. Most dealerships charge around $150-$350 to replace your device and should be a last resort.

A reputable locksmith, such as Cheap Lock & Key, will have your vehicle up and running with a new system for a much better rate. All that is required for cutting your new keys is a form of identification and the vehicle's VIN number.

The Reason Behind Cutting 2 Replacement Keys.

And now, regarding the big question of why do you need two replacement keys. The reason is that when your key is reprogrammed to a new keyless entry system, the previous code that was used to communicate between the key and your car is no longer valid and invalidates all other keys prior to that as well. The safest way to make sure you do not lose a key in the future is to have two identical keys cut the moment your keyless entry system is restarted with a new code.

These two keys give you a better chance of being able to avoid resetting the system in the future. When cutting a new key for your car, it is important, with modern safety systems, to make duplicates immediately.