Your residential door locks are one of the only barriers between your family, your possessions, and an intruder. As it so happens, your residential door locks are also one of the most vulnerable and easiest ways for an intruder to enter your home. The cornerstone of good home security is to have layered protection, and your doors are actually just one of those layers.

Statistics Behind Unlawful Entry

Approximately 6-7% of unlawful entry is committed by someone who has a key to your home. In addition, 36% of unlawful entry happens because your door has been left open or unlocked. Taking the time to change and replace your home's locks is imperative to the security of your home. If you have experienced one of these following scenarios, it is time to replace your residential door locks.

A relationship change can leave your home vulnerable.

Did you go through a divorce? Did your significant other move out? Maybe you had a friendship end or a roommate move out? Whatever the circumstances are, your home is now vulnerable to anyone who previously had a key to your residential door. Cover all of your bases and make sure you change the locks immediately following a change in relationship and the permanent exit of that person from your home.

Break-Ins By Manipulating, Picking, or Cheating Your Door Lock

Door lock of a customer in Wesley Chapel being picked.

Many of the burglaries that do happen in residential areas happen due to someone being able to manipulate, pick, or cheat your door lock. If someone was able to access your home by doing one of these things, then your current locks are inferior and need to be replaced. In addition, locks damaged during a previous break-in are more vulnerable to forced entry.

When replacing your locks, consider upgrading to a keyless entry system, which can be installed by Cheap Lock & Key.

Replace Door Locks When Moving Into a New Home or Apartment

Key being used in the newly replaced lock done by Cheap Lock & Key for a new homeowner in Tampa.

If you are just moving into a new home, it is always a good idea to replace the door locks. You have no idea what kind of people lived in the home before you, or if they handed over all the keys. This extra step will keep your home safe and secure.

Additionally, people moving into a new apartment should always have the locks replaced and ensure that only the people living in the apartment, and the proprietor, have copies of the new keys.

Lost or Stolen Keys May Give Someone Else the Potential for Easy Access to Your Home

This happens all the time. We lose our keys or misplace them and cannot locate them. Sometimes, keys even are stolen from the workplace, a car, or somewhere else. The first thing anyone should do when their keys go missing is to change the locks on your door. Do not wait to see if they will turn up because every day you wait is a day someone else may potentially have easy access to your home.

As a bonus tip, never keep your home address on your keys or key ring. This gives you added protection should someone come across your keys.

Wear & Tear of Locks Over Time

Locks are not invincible. Over time, they can show signs of wear and tear from being used frequently. Your door may become difficult to lock or unlock using the key, which can become a potential hazard for people locking themselves out of their own home or trying to lock their home and being unsuccessful.

At the first sign of serious wear and tear, consider rekeying or replacing the locks on your door for the safety of your home. If you leave old locks on your door, you may be leaving it vulnerable to tampering. The older the locks, the easier it is for someone to pick them and gain access to your home. A newer, tougher lock will be harder to gain access to and will ensure your home is securely locked when you leave the house.

Call us to upgrade your residential door locks.

Cheap Lock & Key on location to replace the door lock of a residential customer in Brandon.

With new technology emerging almost yearly, homeowners have plenty of options when it comes to installing a new key lock on their residential doors. At Cheap Lock and Key, we can help homeowners select and install their new key locks instantly.

Many consumers are moving towards digital locks and keyless entry systems where lock picking is becoming near impossible. Changing your locks will keep your home safe and makes sure you know who is gaining access to your house. A Keyless entry system even allows you to customize access codes and gives you a detailed report on when people enter your home.

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