In today’s world, security is paramount. The need for home and building security has never been greater, so it’s best to rely on experienced professionals to manage a rekeying job.

Rekeying a property is a more cost-effective solution than completely changing all of the locks. A professional locksmith can accomplish a rekeying job without the need to purchase new locks.

It’s also important to know when you need to rekey a property in the first place. Below you’ll find a few guidelines compiled by the experienced locksmiths at Cheap Lock & Key.

Rekeying is the Process of Adjusting Mechanisms Inside Locks for Use With New Keys

Locksmiths are able to adjust the internal parts of your locks to work with a different key moving forward. The same settings are applied to every external lock, and new keys are made. The keys are distributed and the building is considered rekeyed. The process prevents the need for new locks and renders old keys useless. The same peace of mind and security is achieved without having to purchase multiple new locks for the building.

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Rekeying When Moving Into a New Home or Business Facility

These outside doors of a business in Wesley Chapel were recently rekeyed.

After finalizing a deal to move into a new home or business, it’s often a wise idea to start fresh with new keys. Former landlords, prior owners, and real estate agents have all had access to the keys before you became the new owner.

It’s also difficult to guess who else had access to the keys beforehand. Friends, neighbors, and even former spouses may still possess a set of keys to the locks that came with the building.

With businesses, multiple employees (and even ex-employees) could still have keys to open the building. When you become the new business owner, all of the merchandise or office equipment could be at risk without rekeying.

The best and simplest approach is to rekey the entire building and distribute keys to the appropriate persons.

Rekeying After a Tenant’s Lease Expires, an Employee is Fired, or When a Roommate Moves

Another important time to rekey is when people with access to your current property or business are no longer in the picture. If a tenant’s lease expires or they move, it’s common practice to rekey or change the locks. Even if the tenant turns in their set of keys, it’s impossible to know if they’ve made other copies. The same logic applies when a roommate moves out. It’s better to be on the safe side.

If you’re a business owner, it’s critical to secure your facility or office. If an employee is terminated or fired, you can ask for their keys before they leave, but that doesn’t guarantee they haven’t made copies while employed. If they leave on bad terms, you must prevent them from returning with bad intentions. Rekeying prevents any additional issues as they transition away from your company.

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