Nothing is more frustrating than heading home from a long day—possibly with kids in tow—then pulling into your driveway to face a garage door that won’t budge. You push the magic button repeatedly, and nothing happens.

Whether it’s due to power loss, malfunction, or damage to your system, there are solutions available to people who are locked out of their garage. Keep in mind, many of these solutions WILL take time.

If time isn't something you have a lot of, then the best course of recommendation is to call in a locksmith like Cheap Lock & Key to help you get into your garage.

Attempt to Gain Access From a Side Door or From Your Home

This garage in Brandon has a side window access.

If a power outage or other issue is preventing your garage door from opening AND you do not have an emergency release kit installed, you will need to gain access to the garage from another door. Hopefully, you have access to the keys for the side door to your garage or to the inside door that connects it to your home. If not, then you will need to call a professional locksmith.

Once inside the garage, the emergency release cord should be accessible and will work even without power. You can simply pull the release cord, which will free the garage door up to be opened manually.

There are additional methods for opening a stuck garage door, including removing the clevis and cotter pins.

It’s also useful to inspect the door opening mechanism for damage that could be causing the problem in the first place before attempting to open it.

Drill a hole to insert a thin pole to reach the emergency release cord.

If there is no man door installed on your garage then you will have to take a more challenging approach. Using a hole saw, you can saw a small hole in the garage door close enough to the garage door operating equipment to be reached with a slim pole or spider tool.

A small telescoping pole is the best tool for the job. Some spider poles extend to ten feet in length. You should be able to reach through the hole to pull on the emergency release cord and free your door for manual entry. The hole drilled for this method can then be used to install a lock and emergency release kit to avoid a repeat of the headache.

Install an emergency release kit to manually open the garage door.

This is a great next step for people who have gained access after a major struggle with their garage door. It’s worth the time and effort.

Emergency release kits for garage doors allow homeowners to pull a release cord that is attached to the pulley system that raises the door. The system uses a keyed lock that usually connects to a tiny steel cable that runs all the way up to the emergency release cord on your garage door system. Once the key is turned, the cord can be accessed and pulled to initiate a manual entry.

If all else fails, call a locksmith!

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