Locking yourself out of your vehicle is never fun, and often happens at the most inconvenient of times. Whether you’re getting ready to head to work or take care of some errands, locking your keys in your Ford can ruin your plans and put a damper on the day.

When you find yourself locked out of your Ford it’s important to remain calm, refrain from trying any DIY methods, and call roadside assistance or a professional locksmith to help you out. Here is what to do when you lock yourself out of your Ford in Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Brandon, and nearby areas.

Remain Calm & Think of Solutions

While locking yourself out of your vehicle is very stressful, panicking is the absolute worst thing you can do in the situation. When you find yourself locked out of your Ford, it’s important to remain calm and refrain from panicking. Instead, think of possible solutions, such as looking for a spare key, contacting a remote unlocking service company or roadside assistance, or calling a locksmith.

Do Not Try DIY Techniques

A Ford vehicle in Tampa, FL that needed locksmith services.

Many TV shows and movies show adept people picking locks to cars, doors, safes, and many other items. While it’s certainly possible to try picking a lock yourself, the chances of you successfully unlocking your Ford safely are slim. DIY techniques may have worked just fine with older cars, but newer cars are much more advanced and have more technology and superior security measures in place to prevent theft.

Using the classic wire hanger technique or other DIY methods can actually cause serious damage to your car, and oftentimes the damage is not covered by insurance companies. Without proper training and experience, trying to pick a car lock yourself is likely to cause damage to your vehicle. If you try and break into your Ford yourself, you also run the risk of setting off the car’s security system. Being locked out of your now damaged Ford while its alarm is blaring only adds to the already stressful situation.

Utilize Roadside Assistance Or Call a Professional Locksmith

Unless you have experience and are trained in professional locksmithing techniques, the best thing to do is call a professional who can help unlock your Ford for you. These days, many Ford cars come equipped with pre-installed services like Ford Sync that offer 24-hour emergency lockout services. If you have one of these services and happen to get locked out of your Ford, you can simply call the company and have a customer service representative conveniently unlock your car remotely. You can also utilize roadside assistance, such as AAA, and have a technician come out to meet you and unlock your vehicle. Both options are viable, however, they can be quite pricey.

If neither of these options is available for you, you can call a professional locksmith like Cheap Lock & Key to quickly come to your aid and safely unlock your vehicle. A professional locksmith is much less expensive than the aforementioned options and typically can reach you much sooner than roadside assistance can. Providing the locksmith with your location and vehicle’s make and model will expedite their arrival and inform them of what vehicle they will be working on so they can bring the proper tools for the job.

Professional locksmiths are highly skilled in picking vehicle locks and always have the proper experience and tools needed to quickly and safely unlock your Ford without causing any damage.

Do you need emergency locksmith services?

At Cheap Lock & Key, we provide mobile locksmith services for clients in Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Brandon, and the surrounding areas. If you need emergency locksmith services, call us today at (813) 545-5462. Our technicians have the experience and tools necessary to safely unlock your Ford and quickly get you back on your way.