Most of us generally have contingency plans in place for when we lose a key or get locked out of our home or car—but another common problem that licensed locksmiths often encounter is a key that breaks off in a lock. When this happens, it can cause worry and frustration, but don't panic.

Here are some steps you can try if your key breaks off in your lock in areas such as Wesley Chapel, Tampa, Brandon, and nearby areas of Florida.

First, do not try to remove the key from the lock.

Holding a broken key at a home in Wesley Chapel, FL.

Removing a key from a lock can be tricky. Generally, when a key breaks, it is because the key has weakened near the base and too much force causes it to snap. Trying to remove the leftover piece of the key will end up creating more of a problem for you, as you can damage not only the rest of the key but also the lock itself. You need the proper knowledge of what tools to use and how to gently remove it, which is why it's best to call a locksmith. Causing more damage to the key and lock will prove to be costly, as you will need to replace both of them. If the key itself breaks more, it will not be possible to create a new key from it. If components within the doorknob break, the lock will need to be replaced. Rekeying will take more money and more time, keeping you from your day-to-day activities.

Contact a mobile locksmith to come and assist you.

Key broken at the neck sitting by a locking mechanism in Tampa, FL.

The next step is to try and contact a mobile locksmith who can come directly to wherever you are. They will have the correct tools and equipment to remove the key without damaging it or the lock. Once they have the key, they can then use it to create a new one—so long as it did not break more or lose any shape during the extrication process.

At Cheap Lock & Key, we are a mobile locksmith serving the entire Tampa Bay area. We can arrive at most locations within 30 minutes of receiving a phone call, which is much faster than trying to go to a big box store for key replacement services.

Our mobile locksmith services will save you a lot of money over trying to replace all the locks at your home or business.

Did your key break off in your lock? Instead of going into a panic, take out your phone and give us a call.

For many years, the licensed locksmiths at Cheap Lock & Key have helped many Tampa Bay area residents out of a jam when it comes to lost keys, broken keys, and more. We're always available to help when you have an emergency lock or key situation, such as when your key breaks off in your lock. Don't go into a panic when you have a lock emergency—instead, give us a call at (813) 545-5462!