You walk into your garage one morning to head off to work, and you click the unlock button on your car key remote, but nothing happens. This happens to all of us at one point in our lives. Even with all our new technology and smart cars, keyless entry remotes still wear out over time and need fixing, reprogramming, or replacing.

Whether it be a dead battery, a broken contact inside the remote, or something else entirely, car key remotes stop working eventually. Here’s what to do when your car key remote stops working in Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Brandon, and the surrounding areas.

Determine the Problem

When your car key remote suddenly stops working, the first step is to try and determine the problem. There are various ways in which you can troubleshoot your remote, but we’ve put together a list of steps to go through when troubleshooting your remote.

  1. Verify the remote is bad by trying a backup remote. If you have a backup remote, you can verify the supposed broken remote by trying the backup one. If the backup remote works, then you’ve identified the problem is in the bad remote itself. If the backup remote doesn’t work, then the issue may lie within the vehicle itself.
  2. Check and replace the battery. Once you’ve determined the remote itself is not working, the next best step is to replace the batteries. Usually a “bad” remote just needs some fresh batteries.
  3. Take the key fob apart and check for broken or misaligned parts. In the event fresh batteries doesn’t solve the issue, try taking the fob apart and checking all the parts are intact and aligned properly. Our car key remotes get roughed up quite a bit, so it’s quite common for the internal parts to get bumped around and misaligned.

If your car key remote still does not work after trying these above steps, then the best option is to call a skilled locksmith who can diagnose and fix the problem.

Call a Skilled Locksmith

This key remote in Wesley Chapel, FL needs locksmith repair services.

Sometimes we get lucky and a simple battery replacement is all that’s needed to get a car key remote working again. Unfortunately this isn’t always the solution, and when it’s not, the best thing to do is call a skilled locksmith to assess the situation. A skilled locksmith has the tools and training needed to diagnose your remote and make any necessary repairs to get it working again. Whether your remote needs to be reprogrammed, repaired, or even replaced altogether, a locksmith like Cheap Lock & Key will get your car key fob working quickly without causing any damage to the remote or your car.

Never pay high fees for a key remote replacement from a dealership. Call a local locksmith like Cheap Lock & Key for affordable, fast service.

Is your car key remote not working?

If your car key remote isn’t working, call us today at (813) 545-5462. Our skilled locksmiths have years of training and experience repairing, reprogramming, and replacing car key remotes in Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Brandon, and the surrounding areas.