People have personal safes in their homes for all different reasons. From jewelry and private documents to money, guns, and other mementos, safes allow a secure place for homeowners to know their possessions will be untouched.

There are many versions of safes on the market today, with both mechanical and electronic locks in a variety of sizes. Finding the right one for your family is essential, but keep in mind that all safes should at least follow these restrictions:

  • It must be burglar, fire, and environmentally resilient
  • It should feature a combination, key, time lock, or electric lock

Finding a safe that works and using it is simple and effective for keeping your prized possessions safe, but what happens when you lose access to your safe?

Mechanical & Electronic Safes Are Great, Except When They Aren't

Both types of safes are effective in their own ways and perform their job masterfully. Mechanical locks require dialing to the right and left multiple times with a specific number code to open them. Most mechanical locks will last years with no problems as long as they are serviced every 2-3 years.

Basic electronic locks usually come with a single or two access codes that are entered for easy access. If the dial or electronic components fail, problems entering the safe could be difficult.

If your safe requires a keyed access and you lose or break your key, entering your safe will need a spare or replacement key.

Getting into your safe can be easily accomplished with the help of a licensed and registered locksmith.

Opening a safe in Tampa, FL.

At Cheap Lock & Key, we have years of experience in helping homeowners access safes that have missing keys, forgotten combinations, and broken components. Unfortunately, all types of safe locks are susceptible to failure, but having a reputable locksmith on hand can make accessing your items that much easier.

First, a locksmith will use tools of the trade to try to manipulate the lock. Manipulating the lock is the most effective method that results in the least damage to your safe. If manipulating the lock does not work, then we move on to drilling into the safe. This method will gain you access, however, the dial will become compromised and need to be replaced.

Another way of getting back into your safe is by using the key override or change key if your safe came with one. Check your user manual for details.

We help replace keys to your home safes too!

If your safe has a keyed entry and you lose the key, do not fret! Creating a new key or locating a replacement can be easily accomplished with the manufacturer and model number and using it to pull the configurations for the replacement.

Tips for Updating the Security on Your Home Safe

Cracking open a safe in Brandon, FL.

Locksmiths, such as Cheap Lock & Key, can also help point you in the right direction for adding upgrades to your electronic locks. Some of the options on the market today include

  • Finger scan safe locks
  • Entry time delays from 0-99 minutes
  • Multiple codes required to access
  • Dual electronic and natural lock

Call us when you need help opening your safe or changing out safe hardware.

Whether you need a locksmith to help you gain access to your safe or help you upgrade your existing hardware, someone at Cheap Lock & Key is always available to help. Contact us at (813) 545-5462 for services today!