In today’s world, you can’t be too careful with your business assets. At Cheap Lock & Key, we specialize in helping to protect businesses from theft and illegal entry by providing quality lock and key solutions.

Below you will find several tips for those researching how to protect your business from theft in Tampa, Brandon, Wesley Chapel, and other surrounding Tampa Bay cities.

Consider installing master lock systems to ensure your business has adequate door locks in place.

Unfortunately, business theft is not only restricted to criminals from the outside. Internal theft is an issue that many establishments monitor and attempt to protect themselves against.

Master key systems are an intelligent choice because they can reduce the number of individuals who have access to the building after hours. One key can be used to open any lock in the building and the key can be reserved for only the owners or management.

Multiple locks can be installed on exterior doors which can be engaged at closing time to eliminate the possibility of employees entering outside business hours. Master key systems allow lower-level employees to possess keys that will open their areas while keeping other areas restricted.

Proper lock systems can help deter employees from leaving with merchandise or equipment, and they can protect the business against disgruntled former employees from having access to the facility after they’ve been terminated.

Quality safes can protect sensitive documents and valuables.

A safe with a keypad installed in Brandon, FL.

Purchasing a quality fire-proof safe can prevent catastrophic loss in the event of fire or burglary. Safes have been used for hundreds of years at business establishments as a foolproof method for protecting the most valuable items and paperwork.

The pros at Cheap Lock & Key can recommend safes that can only be accessed by combination, key, or even keypads. Many are nearly impossible to crack open and can withstand the intense heat and flames of a fire. Some are even designed to withstand floodwaters in the event of a natural disaster.

Mailbox security can help prevent lost or stolen mail from slowing the speed of business.

Many businesses receive sensitive documents via USPS mail. If your mailbox is not secured, anyone can simply open the box and tamper with them. Valuable time can be wasted because the sender may think you have received documents that never made their way to your desk.

Only a tiny slit will be exposed for the mail carrier to insert your letters. Your clients will be grateful that you have taken extra steps to secure your incoming mail, and the flow of business will not be interrupted by missing documents.

We can provide reinforced, locking mailbox systems that are keyed for extra security and protection.

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