Ignition systems in cars have been evolving over the past two decades and have gone through three significant changes to get to a more reliable and faster system that has been adopted across models for years.

While the concept of producing a spark for ignition has not altered, the method of creating the spark has vastly improved.

Distributor-Based, Distributor-Less, & Coil-On-Plug Car Ignition Systems: From Solid-State to Computer-Controlled

Very early ignition systems used a method, which included a fully mechanical system, that used distributors to deliver a spark at the right moment. After this, the system was tweaked and the distributor-based ignition system was created. This car ignition system was equipped with solid-state switches and ignition control models.

This ignition evolved into the distributor-less system, which was more efficient and used an electronics. Today, the most advanced, electrical ignition used is the coil-on-plug. This is a computer-controlled system, which has helped it improve the accuracy of the spark timing. The coil-on-plug system utilizes a redesigned method that is capable of creating higher voltages and a stronger spark, which in turn, improves engine performance.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

Ignition systems are a huge part of what gets your vehicle's engine to run, so they affect many other components in your car to help it function. Regular maintenance on your ignition system is imperative to ensure your engine lasts a long time.

The performance of your vehicle is significantly decreased when you have worn or faulty spark plugs. Engine problems can arise and cause a slew of problems, including:

  • Poor fuel economy
  • Difficulty starting
  • Misfiring
  • Lack of overall engine power

If you let these issues go unchecked by not following through with regular maintenance, serious damage can be done to some of your vehicle's components.

You should have a visual inspection performed on your vehicle's ignition system yearly and replace components when they show signs of failure or wear.

Contact us to replace your keyless ignition system fob.

In this modern day and age, most vehicles have the option to switch to a keyless ignition system with the use of a key fob and a push-start ignition button. While technology has its benefits, a keyless system has its own set of problems and consumers should be aware of them.

For example, a glitch in the key fob can ultimately cause the car's computer system not to recognize it. Without the recognition between the two, your engine cannot be started or shut down. Cheap Lock & Key can help you replace your keyless ignition system fob on the go! Get in touch with one of our technicians by calling (813) 545-5462.