High-end production and the latest technology also mean expensive key replacements in Tampa, FL and nearby areas.

Forgetting where you sat your keys down seems to be just a normal part of life, but when you actually lose your keys, you’ve got a much bigger problem on your hands. It’s an inconvenience, and depending on the type of car you drive, it can get expensive.

Learn what types of cars have the most expensive keys, and learn what key features can make replacement costs add up, regardless of whether you’re in the Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Brandon area, or elsewhere.

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Vehicle smart keys

If you have a modern car, you likely have some form of a smart key. Early smart key features included being able to lock and unlock the car remotely, and the smart key may even open your trunk or sliding door.

Many newer cars today may not even have a traditional key ignition. Some smart keys can start the ignition so long as the driver is inside the vehicle. Smart keys are essentially a combination of batteries, antennae, and sophisticated electronics.

Smart key replacement and programming by a mobile locksmith in Tampa, FL.

Even if your smart key has a physical key blade still, replacing a smart key requires programming, which can only be done by a trained locksmith or dealer.

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Tesla keys

Buying a Tesla is no small investment, and the all-electric manufacturer supplies fobs to match. The average cost of a key replacement starts at $200. Although some Tesla models are designed to integrate with a mobile app, you can still own a more traditional fob and replacement. In the event you misplace your phone or the battery dies, you'll most definitely need a backup key fob. Reprogramming a replacement fob is not a DIY job and has to be done by a pro. A professional is capable of supplying you with a replacement key and programming with your Tesla in under 30 minutes.

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Land Rover/Range Rovers

The newest Land Rovers and Range Rovers have ignition buttons and other smart key features that add to your convenience and the luxury experience, but that also means that not every locksmith can help in case of damage or loss. Properly servicing a Range Rover requires precision and a high level of skill. Depending on how complicated the job is, it can take 20 minutes or longer. Our experts have years of experience working with smart key replacements.

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Replacing your high-end car key doesn’t have to be a hassle. Call today for fast, efficient service.

Even if your car has keyless entry, you should always have a set of keys in case of an emergency. If you’ve invested a lot in your vehicle, don’t be surprised when the maintenance costs match. Complex technology and specialized components make replacement keys cost more than they did even a few years ago. If you’ve lost or damaged your keys, call our team of experts at Cheap Lock & Key today at (813) 545-5462.

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