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What to Do if You Drop Car Keys in Water

What to Do if You Drop Car Keys in Water

We all know what happens if we drop a smartphone in water, but what about keys? Standard, older car keys won't be a concern, but there could be issues if you drop key remotes or smart keys in water. In the Tampa Bay area, between pools, lakes, the Gulf of Mexico, and even washing machines, there are many scenarios where your keys could accidentally end up wet. Learn about steps you can try to take if you drop your car keys in water in areas such as Tampa, Brandon, Wesley Chapel, and nearby areas. Don't wait to remove your keys—acting quickly is vital. If your keys fall out of your pocket into a body of water, it's vital that you act quickly and remove them. Waiting can make the problem much worse. The key fob will need to be dried out as soon as you possibly can. Reasons to dry out your car key remote include: It's an electronic device. Water and electricity generally don't mix. If it's left wet, you could end up...
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