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Smart Locks vs. Traditional Locks for Your Residence

Smart Locks vs. Traditional Locks for Your Residence

When it comes to keeping your home secure, there are many options available on the market. With the ever-growing Internet of Things, people are turning to smart appliances, smart TVs, smart watches, and in some cases, smart locks. Being able to control everything from your phone is definitely convenient, but is a smart lock as secure as possible? Here are our views on smart locks vs. traditional locks for your residence in Tampa Bay areas such as Tampa, Wesley Chapel, and Brandon. How Smart Locks Function to Protect Your Home Smart locks are designed to connect to your smartphone via WiFI or Bluetooth technology. These do not use a traditional key but rather communicate with a special key fob or a smartphone. They are also designed to integrate with other smart features of a home. Some brands also give the homeowner the ability to lock and unlock their homes from a different location, which seems convenient if they forgot to lock the door or need to...
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