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What Happens When You Can't Access Your Safe

What Happens When You Can't Access Your Safe

People have personal safes in their homes for all different reasons. From jewelry and private documents to money, guns, and other mementos, safes allow a secure place for homeowners to know their possessions will be untouched. There are many versions of safes on the market today, with both mechanical and electronic locks in a variety of sizes. Finding the right one for your family is essential, but keep in mind that all safes should at least follow these restrictions: It must be burglar, fire, and environmentally resilient It should feature a combination, key, time lock, or electric lock Finding a safe that works and using it is simple and effective for keeping your prized possessions safe, but what happens when you lose access to your safe? Mechanical & Electronic Safes Are Great, Except When They Aren't Both types of safes are effective in their own ways and perform their job masterfully. Mechanical locks require dialing to the right and left multiple ...
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