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Locksmith vs. Dealership for Mercedes-Benz Car Key Replacement

Locksmith vs. Dealership for Mercedes-Benz Car Key Replacement

Mercedes codes are generated directly from Germany, using your vehicle's VIN number. The key is coded specifically to your vehicle only! This is a great safety feature, because once you replace your key with a new one, the old one becomes obsolete and no longer works with your car, or any other one. Both locksmiths and dealerships are able to help replace or duplicate your Mercedes-Benz car key, but what is the cost? There are pros and cons to working on both sides of the spectrum. Locksmiths A mobile locksmith is the best when it comes to both price and convenience. They are able to bring all their tools on the road and come to any location to create a replacement key, or duplicate a current key. Mercedes-Benz is a luxury vehicle and not all mobile locksmiths are able to access the data necessary to create key fobs. This is why it is a good idea to call and find out if they have your Mercedes Benz model on their list. Or, just call Cheap Lock & Key, as we support all models...
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