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What is a Smart Key (Also Known as a Keyless Ignition System)?

What is a Smart Key (Also Known as a Keyless Ignition System)?

A Keyless Ignition System, or a SmartKey, is an electronic method of granting access to both entry and engine control of a vehicle. In 1995, Siemens started implementing the SmartKey. It was a device available to Mercedes-Benz models only. Over the years, this has evolved and smart keys are now present in vehicles of all makes, models and varying price points.

How does the system work?

The keyless ignition is a passive RFID system, which means that the vehicle sends a code to the ignition chip from its computer. The ignition chip receives the message and, if it recognizes the code, will give the operator full access to the vehicle.

Simply put, as long as your SmartKey fob is inside your vehicle with you when you press the start button or flip the start switch, the engine should start and the car should become drivable.

Not all systems are the same.

While Keyless Ignition Systems generally work the same way, they may be set up differently, depending on the make or...

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Pros and Cons of Keyless Entry for Your Car

Pros and Cons of Keyless Entry for Your Car

In the Tampa Bay area, technology moves fast and the advancement of keyless entry for your vehicle is no different. Keyless entry is an added safety feature to many vehicles that require the key fob to be in the owner's possession, but does not necessarily require the owner to use the fob to open or start the car. Here are some of the pros and cons of this vehicle feature that is becoming more and more common across the board.

Pros: Operation, Security, & Auto-Locking Features

Ease of operating keyless entry.

Keyless entry makes it easy to unlock your car. As long as your key fob is on you and you're within the proper range of your vehicle, the doors and trunk can be unlocked. Simply press the button on the side of your car door handle or your trunk handle and you can gain entry. The need to search through your pockets or purse for a traditional key have been eliminated.

Added security.

Thieves cannot use your key and make a copy of it to steal other...

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