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How to Avoid Being Overcharged by a Locksmith

How to Avoid Being Overcharged by a Locksmith

Being proactive in the search for any services, whether it is a locksmith or not, is a smart choice. You can easily avoid being overcharged by a locksmith if you take time to research your options before an emergency comes your way.

You will find that most locksmiths charge specific rates based on the lock type, time of the service, and the time it takes to resolve your particular situation. Since each situation is different, it is good to get a solid estimate prior to any work being done. Take these three tips to find out how you can avoid a locksmith, who may charge you more than you should be charged!

Read Reviews

The easiest way to narrow down your locksmith choices is to read reviews of companies. Reviews, testimonials, and references all play a part in helping clients choose an affordable service. Gathering information on the company helps potential customers understand the value of their services.

Your comparison should NOT be solely to find the least expensive...

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5 Tips on Keeping Your Home Secure While Vacationing

5 Tips on Keeping Your Home Secure While Vacationing

Before enjoying some R&R away from home with your family, insure peace of mind by making your home less susceptible to being invaded by burglars. Whether you reside in a metro area like Tampa or a suburban enclave, there are useful measures you can undertake to discourage potential thieves during your absence.

1. Lock up your home.

To state the obvious: even though you might be using a monitored or unmonitored security system, it won’t be very effective if you don’t remember to lock every door and window. Whether your home features traditional deadbolts and locksets or electronic keypads, physically securing your entrances and exits is naturally of paramount importance. Also, be discriminating about who you’ve entrusted with copies of your keys – closest friends and family only. After all, nearly 50% of home invasions involve the use of a key. And don’t even think about keeping a spare key in a secret hiding spot outside your house, because no...

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How to prevent burglars from compromising your door locks.

How to prevent burglars from compromising your door locks.

Over 50% of all burglars gain access to your home through your front or back door, making them the most susceptible areas of your house. It is important for you, as a homeowner, and for us as your locksmith, to make sure your home is safe and secure by installing and maintaining your locks. Especially living in a bigger city, like Tampa Bay.

Burglars can tamper with your locks in several ways.

Most locks used in residential households are not top-of-the-line secure locks. There are many different ways that burglars will attempt to open your doors. Here are the most common:


This common tactic involves literally snapping a lock by force. This can be done with a screwdriver, hammer, or other tools. Once broken, the locking mechanism is exposed and your door can be easily opened in just seconds.


Burglars file down the “teeth” on a key, making it resemble a small saw. The key in inserted into the lock and bumped with a blunt object until the...

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How to protect yourself from locksmith scams.

How to protect yourself from locksmith scams.

Locksmith Fraud and Scams

With any hired service, consumers need to be aware of scams, fraud, and otherwise unprofessional behavior. Locksmith fraud and scam has become out of control, but there are ways to avoid a disaster by knowing what you are looking for.

At Cheap Lock & Key, we want to help consumers become more aware by sharing some basic guidelines to avoid frauds and scams when hiring a locksmith.

Research and ask questions before hiring!

Locksmith scams typically target homeowners and auto owners who are in emergency situations and need immediate assistance. Before rushing to the first locksmith you see online, stop, think, and determine their legitimacy.

Find a local locksmith.

How do you know your locksmith is truly local? Call and ask them detailed questions. When the locksmith answers the phone they should answer with a specific name. Be wary of general answers and information. Check the reviews. A legitimate locksmith that is local and well known will have...

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