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Save money replacing BMW keys by using a locksmith.

Save money replacing BMW keys by using a locksmith.

BMW Key Replacement is Expensive, Save Money Using a Locksmith for your Replacement Key! BMWs are a unique and complicated system making it much more difficult and expensive to get replacements when you lose or break your keys. As with most companies these days, BMW uses the infamous keyfob which is programmed to work with the car through specific coding and programming. The difference with BMWs lay in their complex two-fold security system. What makes the BMW replacement key so pricey? Since 1995, BMWs have had immobilizer units installed in all makes and models. The immobilizer unit is an added security feature that prevents the car from being switched on unless it recognizes the transponder chip that lives in the key fob. This transponder chip is what prevents the car from being broken into and stolen. If the immobilizer system does not recognize the transponder chip, the fuel to the engine is cut off to prevent the car from moving at all. It is because of this system...
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