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Laser Cut Keys vs. Traditional Car Keys

Laser Cut Keys vs. Traditional Car Keys

What's the difference between laser cut keys and traditional keys for your vehicle? Whether your car has a traditional key or a laser cut key could be the difference in the way you approach key replacement. There are major differences when it comes to traditional and laser cut keys that make it easy to tell which your vehicle has and what you would need to do should a situation arise where a duplicate or new key is needed. Let's dive in! Laser Cut Keys Commonly referred to as internal keys or a side-winder key, laser cut keys are known for their unique appearance. Laser cut keys are made with a constant depth down the middle, making them thicker and more sturdy in general. The indention made on the key is equally made on both sides so that the key can be inserted and the engine started no matter which direction the key is put in (this is where the internal key name comes from). Laser cut keys started appearing mostly in high-end vehicles around the 1990's and...
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