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Microchip Car Keys - Fact vs. Fiction

Microchip Car Keys - Fact vs. Fiction

Microchip car keys - also known as transponder keys - are designed to protect your vehicle. Each key contains a code that the car must recognize before it will start. Without the code, the car will not start.

You only get one microchip key with your vehicle.

Fiction! Yes, your microchip car key is secure because the coding only works with your vehicle. However, multiple keys can be programmed with your specific code, allowing you to have more than one transponder key. This enables you to have replacement keys, should you need them in the future.

Microchip car keys are difficult to disable.

Fact! Sure, transponder keys CAN be disabled, but not easily. Doing so requires specialized equipment and software that generally only a car dealership or a locksmith like Cheap Lock & Key possess. This is expensive equipment that makes it an unattractive option for even sophisticated, high-tech thieves.

Only the specific auto manufacturer can program a transponder key.

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Create a key from a lock with no key to duplicate.

Create a key from a lock with no key to duplicate.

Maybe your house key broke off in the lock, or you accidentally tossed your car keys out with the trash—however you got there, you suddenly need a new key, and don’t have the original to make a copy. No problem. With the help of a skilled locksmith, there are a couple ways we can have your doors open in no time.

Creating a key from your lock's code.

The first method is called “coding” your lock. Most locks for your home are produced with a “code,” which your locksmith can get either from the lock’s original paperwork or through the manufacturer. The code can only be translated by a professional locksmith—for security purposes, you can’t just look it up—and it tells your locksmith the exact length and depth of your key’s notches, so he can make a fresh new key.

This can also be done with car keys! Just find the VIN number on the inside of your vehicle’s door. Your locksmith can then contact the dealer...

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Laser Cut Keys vs. Traditional Car Keys

Laser Cut Keys vs. Traditional Car Keys

What's the difference between laser cut keys and traditional keys for your vehicle?

Whether your car has a traditional key or a laser cut key could be the difference in the way you approach key replacement. There are major differences when it comes to traditional and laser cut keys that make it easy to tell which your vehicle has and what you would need to do should a situation arise where a duplicate or new key is needed. Let's dive in!

Laser Cut Keys

Commonly referred to as internal keys or a side-winder key, laser cut keys are known for their unique appearance. Laser cut keys are made with a constant depth down the middle, making them thicker and more sturdy in general. The indention made on the key is equally made on both sides so that the key can be inserted and the engine started no matter which direction the key is put in (this is where the internal key name comes from).

Laser cut keys started appearing mostly in high-end vehicles around the 1990's and...

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