When it comes to keeping your home secure, there are many options available on the market. With the ever-growing Internet of Things, people are turning to smart appliances, smart TVs, smart watches, and in some cases, smart locks. Being able to control everything from your phone is definitely convenient, but is a smart lock as secure as possible?

Here are our views on smart locks vs. traditional locks for your residence in Tampa Bay areas such as Tampa, Wesley Chapel, and Brandon.

How Smart Locks Function to Protect Your Home

Smart locks are designed to connect to your smartphone via WiFI or Bluetooth technology. These do not use a traditional key but rather communicate with a special key fob or a smartphone. They are also designed to integrate with other smart features of a home.

Some brands also give the homeowner the ability to lock and unlock their homes from a different location, which seems convenient if they forgot to lock the door or need to let someone into the home. There are also options that will pair with your current deadbolt.

How Traditional Locks Keep Doors Secured

This home in Wesley Chapel has a secure traditional lock.

Traditional locks are obviously locked with a key that works to unlock the mechanism. These are called pin-tumbler locks and have spring-loaded pins that are loaded into the various cylinders within the lock. The key is created to move these pins up so the lock either locks or unlocks depending on how the key is turned.

Usually, a deadbolt is used for exterior doors as it tends to be more secure than a knob lock. There are many different types of deadbolts that can be chosen, like single cylinder and double cylinder deadbolts that come in different grades from 1-3. Grade 1 has the most security of the available deadbolts.

Are Smart Locks More Secure Than Traditional Locks?

Traditional locks can be reinforced with strike plates which help make it more difficult for doors to be kicked in, or longer lock throws that go farther into the doorway. Smart locks, however, do not come with these reinforcements. It is also possible to hack into a smart lock, especially if your WiFi password is not strong enough. Thieves can also gain access to your home if your phone is stolen and doesn’t have a passcode on it.

If a homeowner elects to use a smart lock, it’s recommended to use very strong passwords and change them every so often.

If proper security measures are taken, then smart locks can be used. Traditional locks do still seem to have the most security, but the convenience of smart locks is definitely an alluring pro for those who need remote access.

Are you trying to choose between smart locks and traditional locks for your home?

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