BMW Key Replacement is Expensive, Save Money Using a Locksmith for your Replacement Key!

BMWs are a unique and complicated system making it much more difficult and expensive to get replacements when you lose or break your keys. As with most companies these days, BMW uses the infamous keyfob which is programmed to work with the car through specific coding and programming. The difference with BMWs lay in their complex two-fold security system.

What makes the BMW replacement key so pricey?

Since 1995, BMWs have had immobilizer units installed in all makes and models. The immobilizer unit is an added security feature that prevents the car from being switched on unless it recognizes the transponder chip that lives in the key fob. This transponder chip is what prevents the car from being broken into and stolen.

If the immobilizer system does not recognize the transponder chip, the fuel to the engine is cut off to prevent the car from moving at all. It is because of this system that reprogramming and replacing the key fob is more meticulous than other manufacturers, like Ford or Chevy. The BMW two-fold system includes:

  1. A permanent code personalized to the car.
  2. A rolling code changed by the immobilizer each time the car is started.

Cheap Lock & Key programming a new BMW key.

BMW Dealership Replacement vs. Locksmith Replacement

Due to the intricacies involved in replacing a BMW key, dealerships charge hundreds of dollars to go through the process. Here is how the fees using a dealership really start to add up:

  • No key means your car cannot run. The dealership will have to tow your car into the service department to begin working on it.
  • BMW dealerships do not have extra or new key fobs in stock. Your specialized key will need to be custom ordered and that takes around 10 days before it arrives. All the while, your car is unable to be driven.
  • When your new key comes in, it needs to be programmed to the car, and the entire immobilizer system has to be reprogrammed to recognize the new key fob. As with any of their services, dealerships charge a high hourly rate for their time.

Not only does this process take much longer, but it also costs you double if not more. When all is said and done at the dealership, you'll end up with a bill of $500 or more for replacing your BMW key! There's got to be a better way!

In fact, there is a much better way! By working with a professional locksmith, like Cheap Lock & Key, and you can save yourself hundreds of dollars and a headache! For about $250-$350, you can have on the spot replacement at your location, including a new key fob and your immobilizer system reprogrammed. The keys locksmiths use and keep in-stock are exactly the same as the ones from the dealership.

Once the locksmith has completed the key replacement, be sure to test everything thoroughly, including locking, unlocking, and starting the vehicle. So next time you need to replace your BMW car key, make sure to check into local locksmiths before checking with your dealership!