As technology advances, so do the ways we can use it in our everyday lives. Smart locks are a great example of technology that home and business owners can acquire to invest in safety and security. Smart locks use mechanisms and codes to lock or unlock the device. They give you greater control over who accesses your premises and also when they are allowed to do so.

The Convenience of Keyless Entry to Avoid Misplaced Keys

We have all been there! You leave your keys at home or you forget them on your desk at work. Or perhaps your children misplace a key. It is a frustrating and sometimes panic inducing situation. Smart locks remove the possibility of these scenarios, because you now get the convenience keyless entry.

All you have to do is remotely disable the lock from your smartphone or use a secret code to disengage the lock right on the keypad. The way you lock or unlock your keyless entry will depend on the type of system you install in the door.

Track Who Enters & Exits Your Home or Business With Assigned Individual Entry Codes

Keyless entry systems are way more secure than your typical mechanical lock. The way smart locks were created, they are virtually tamper-proof and what the industry would refer to as "unpickable". This creates greater security and allows you to have peace of mind.

Additionally, it is possible to track the comings and goings of anyone utilizing the smart lock. You can assign entry codes to individual family members or coworkers. You can also assign temporary codes for guests that are allowed on your premises for a limited amount of time, such as a:

  • Repairman
  • Painter
  • Out-of-town guest
  • Baby sitter
  • Pet sitter
  • Neighbor

You can give your temporary guests specific access times and days and disable the code once they are done on your property. This increases security and ensures only people you authorize are entering and exiting your home. To verify who is entering or leaving the premises, home and business owners can track any visitors using a free app that is partnered with their smart lock system.

Trigger Other Devices in Your Home or Business With a Smart Lock Centered System

A smart lock can become the cornerstone of a complete system! You can program smart locks to tie into your home or business appliances, such as your lights and thermostat. A system that is centered on your smart lock can be set to trigger these devices based on the locked or unlocked status of your door.

Access codes on your smart lock panel can be used to create a specific reaction with appliances, such as setting a preprogrammed temperature on your thermostat. This helps to control other devices in residences and places of business, and conserve energy.

Call For a Smart Lock Consultation or Installation

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