In the Tampa Bay area, technology moves fast and the advancement of keyless entry for your vehicle is no different. Keyless entry is an added safety feature to many vehicles that require the key fob to be in the owner's possession, but does not necessarily require the owner to use the fob to open or start the car. Here are some of the pros and cons of this vehicle feature that is becoming more and more common across the board.

Pros: Operation, Security, & Auto-Locking Features

Ease of operating keyless entry.

Keyless entry makes it easy to unlock your car. As long as your key fob is on you and you're within the proper range of your vehicle, the doors and trunk can be unlocked. Simply press the button on the side of your car door handle or your trunk handle and you can gain entry. The need to search through your pockets or purse for a traditional key have been eliminated.

Added security.

Thieves cannot use your key and make a copy of it to steal other vehicles. Your keyless entry requires a unique code to start the car, which is located in the key fob. Once a key fob is programmed, it cannot be reprogrammed for another device.

Your specific electronic key fob is required to authorize the use of the car's driving and electronic capabilities. This works because your vehicle recognizes the specific code that is in your transponder; the computer within your car searches for the transponder's code and once the connection is made, the vehicle becomes operable.

Auto-locking feature.

One of the newest options available to keyless entry is an auto-locking feature. Once the automobile is parked and the owner walks away, the system will immediately lock your vehicle. This eliminates the possibility of forgetting to lock your car and helps to ensure it stays safe.

Can't lock your key in your car.

One feature that is an undisputed benefit of having a keyless entry is that you can't lock your key fob in your car. If you do forget and accidentally leave your fob in the vehicle, you will be provided a warning (your car will honk its horn, for example) and the doors will not lock.

Cons: Cost & Safety

The price.

Even though keyless technology keeps making our lives easier and more secure, some costs can come associated with it. Keyless fobs and push-button start are included in plenty of automobile packages. But just as with any system in a car, over time it may need to be repaired or replaced.

Replacing such a large, electrical system is pricey. The same can be said for losing your key fob. Unfortunately, reprogramming a key fob is more expensive than a traditional key.

Potential safety issue.

As can be true with many things, the very points that are the strengths of an item or person may be their weaknesses as well. This is the case for keyless access to your vehicle, with regards to the before mentioned ease of operation.

Because cars that feature keyless entry sometimes also come with remote start capability, car owners may unknowingly start their cars while the vehicle is within a closed garage. This can pose a risk for carbon monoxide poisoning to occur. However, this potentially dangerous threat can be avoided by making sure to place your keys or fob where they cannot be accidentally operated.


New technology in cars generally means more accessibility and safer functioning, but consumers should know the associated positive and negative aspects that come with these upgrades. If you are wondering if a keyless entry is right for you, call a reputable locksmith such as Cheap Lock & Key. We are available at (813) 545-5462 to answer any questions that you may have.