Microchip car keys - also known as transponder keys - are designed to protect your vehicle. Each key contains a code that the car must recognize before it will start. Without the code, the car will not start.

You only get one microchip key with your vehicle.

Fiction! Yes, your microchip car key is secure because the coding only works with your vehicle. However, multiple keys can be programmed with your specific code, allowing you to have more than one transponder key. This enables you to have replacement keys, should you need them in the future.

Microchip car keys are difficult to disable.

Fact! Sure, transponder keys CAN be disabled, but not easily. Doing so requires specialized equipment and software that generally only a car dealership or a locksmith like Cheap Lock & Key possess. This is expensive equipment that makes it an unattractive option for even sophisticated, high-tech thieves.

Only the specific auto manufacturer can program a transponder key.

Fiction! While it is a fact that the manufacturer and dealer does have all the correct software and equipment to program your microchip car key, they are not the only means to an end. We can program your transponder key with the same quality as the manufacturer or dealer,  but at a much lower cost.

Microchip car keys are easily purchased on the internet.

Fiction (…mostly!) Scam artists are abundant online and key replacement is actually a booming market. Technically, you might be able to buy a transponder key online, but chances are it will be short-lived. That is of course, if it even works at all. If you absolutely insist on purchasing over the internet, be certain you are dealing with a supplier whose reputation is well-known.

Microchip car keys are a great deterrent for car thieves, but they also demand you go the extra mile when it comes to programming, repairing, or replacing them. Your safest bet is dealing directly with a dealership or a quality auto locksmith like Cheap Lock & Key.

Remember that the dealership will always be the most expensive option, while your auto locksmith will do the equivalent work at a fraction of the price.

We will be there for you when you find yourself locked out of your vehicle or a key breaks off in the lock. Our mobile services cover all kinds of keys on all kinds of vehicle makes and models. We hope you don’t ever need our number for an emergency. But just in case you do, we can be reached at (813) 545-5462.