There are areas of your home that are not built for protection, but rather for aesthetics. Your sliding glass door, for instance, is a picture-perfect window that provides light, warmth, and a view of nature. It is not something that provides fortification against attempted breaking and entering.

Find out how you can protect your home against these four inherent weaknesses that sliding glass doors have. These reasons are sure to make you want to make sure that your sliding glass door is secure.

#1: Sliding glass doors are constructed with simple latches.

Latches on sliding glass doors are generally very simple mechanisms that can be easily bypassed by simply jiggling the door a lot. The latches are not built to withstand breaking and entering and create an easy access point for someone to get into your home.

Add an extra lock on your sliding glass doors to reinforce security measures around your home. There are several options on the market that homeowners can choose from and that Cheap Lock & Key can help you select and install, to replace the latches being used.

A steel lock can be installed at the top or bottom of your sliding door. Another option is a keyed patio door lock. This mechanism bolts directly onto the sliding glass door. Both are easy to install. However, the keyed patio door lock provides extra protection with the element of a lock and key, rather than a latch.

Keep your key in an easy-to-find location in case of emergencies!

#2: They are easy to dislocate from their track and are easy to break through.

Breaking glass panels or dislocating the sliding door from its track is a much easier feat than you would think. To keep an intruder from dislodging your door from its track you can use a wooden dowel or bar. Another more aesthetically pleasing option is to buy a home security window bar. This adjustable bar is made from PVC and is designed to handle impact multiple times over.

Another option for protecting the glass on your sliding glass door is to put up a glass protection film. This transparent polyester film strengthens the door making it virtually shatterproof. A sliding door with this film will be able to endure multiple blows, allowing you time to get your family to safety and alert the authorities.

#3: Sliding glass doors are hidden from view and should have door alarms.

Most sliding glass doors are hidden from the public eye. Whether yours is on the side of your home or in the back, it can be easily blocked by landscaping, be under dim lighting, or other circumstances that make it a viable entry for intruders.

Adding a door alarm would be a great way of alerting you if someone were to gain access to your sliding glass door. Alarms quickly alert homeowners and may be enough to scare someone away simply by sounding. An alarm also enables you to quickly and efficiently alert authorities from a safe location away from the sliding door.

#4: They display your belongings to potential burglars.

It is nice to be able to have your sliding glass door open to allow sunlight to bathe your home. However, it is also the perfect way to set all of your personal belongings on display for potential burglaries. Having a sliding glass door wide open at all times is a potential hazard to your family and your belongings.

Invest in flat panel track shades, which are equipped with rollers and intended to work in a sliding glass door. Nice track shades can add to both the security and interior aesthetics of your home. If you are on a budget and are not looking to invest in blinds or shades, you can apply a privacy film directly to the glass. An affordable solution provides you the added security your home needs!

Call for options of installing better locks.

There are many ways you can make your home a safer place and give you and your family a peace of mind. It is possible to make it harder for intruders to gain access to your home. Reach out to Cheap Lock & Key by calling (813) 545-5462 to find out what your options are for installing better locks on your sliding glass door.