Property management companies should be among the first in line for a long-term, valuable, locksmith company to have on speed dial. When it comes to the safety and security of your complexes, quality lock systems should be at the top of the list.

Some of the most important tasks that the property managers typically undertake include:

  • Securing the premises that your buildings are on
  • Protecting against vandalism
  • Ensuring the safety of tenants

These can be accomplished easily with a professional, reliable locksmith on hand. For example, you can call Cheap Lock & Key!

Cheap Lock & Key is licensed, insured, and trained in all areas of the field, including security audits. 

Lock Changes, Master Keys, & Other Services Your Go-To Locksmith Can Provide

An on-call locksmith can become one of the most powerful tools for property management companies. Your go-to locksmith will be familiar with all of the locks on your buildings. Furthermore, they will be able to provide all the services property managers need regularly, including:

Lockout Services

Tenants locking themselves out, or even having staff members within the property management company lock themselves out, is something that happens more often than most people realize.

Calling a professional locksmith can allow entry into the space while avoiding damage to the existing lock or door. Also, if needed, you can have the locksmith make a spare key to help avoid future lockout occurrences.


Lockboxes installed by Cheap Lock & Key for an apartment complex in Tampa.

Typically, apartment complexes and condos provide lockboxes that function as mailboxes for their residents. Professional locksmiths, such as Cheap Lock & Key, can install these lockboxes for the properties under your management company's care.

Securing Evicted or Foreclosed Residential Units

Handling evictions and foreclosures are an unfortunate aspect of managing properties. However, when such actions must be taken, a licensed locksmith can lock and secure the residential units in order to prevent unauthorized access.


One locksmith service that is often overlooked by property management companies is rekeying. Rekeying is a cost-effective alternative to having your locks completely replaced, as it allows for leaving all of the existing lock hardware in place.

Lock Changes

A lock is about to be replaced on the front door of this Wesley Chapel condo.

Though locks are sturdy mechanisms, there are instances when they become damaged and need to be replaced. Situations can include something as simple as wear and tear over time, or something as alarming as an attempt at forced, unlawful entry.

Master Key

At various points in time, it may become necessary for there to be access needed for multiple apartments. Having a master key makes it possible for authorized entry into any residential unit on the premises that the key was made to unlock.

Routine Maintenance

Locksmiths can perform routine maintenance to give your company peace of mind and allow tenants to feel safe and secure on your property. Maintenance can include checking the operational status of locks on the property, performing routine lock changes, and upgrades to your existing system of locks

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There are a number of services that a property management company may need from a locksmith. Equip your business with the professional services provided by the locksmiths at Cheap Lock & Key.

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