Unfortunately, people who are traveling are often targeted by thieves. Some criminals assume that travelers are carrying large amounts of money, credit cards, and other valuables.

You should also consider home security concerns while you are away. Crafty criminals have been known to “case” houses to see when people are out of town.

That’s why the pros here at Cheap Lock & Key have put together a simple guide for how to travel securely to reduce the incidence of theft while you are out of town.

Keep your vehicle, trailer, and luggage locked down while traveling.

A person locking their car before leaving to travel in Tampa, FL.

Many people enjoy traveling with their own personal vehicle. Some use large 5th wheels, luggage compartments, and travel trailers to enhance the traveling experience.

It’s important to keep your personal items locked down while traveling. You can purchase strong keyed locks to secure your 5th wheel or travel trailer, and you can also use heavy external locks for luggage compartments.

Criminals know that people who are traveling have to bring certain items along, which can include valuables, jewelry, cameras, and electronics. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Spend some time before you leave checking to see that any place you store your belongings remains locked while not in use.

Secure your luggage to avoid lost, stolen, and missing items.

Most modern pieces of luggage have the ability to lock. It’s always surprising to see the suitcases come rolling off the conveyor belt completely unsecured. Anyone can grab your bag, walk over to a bench, sit down and start rifling through your belongings.

When purchasing luggage, ensure that they are lockable. There are plenty of smaller, sturdy locks available that can keep zippers from opening, especially for the “crush-proof” variety of suitcases.

Sometimes baggage handlers may get the urge to look through a fancy-looking piece of luggage. It may be wise to avoid choosing luggage that stands out or looks high-end. If you choose something sturdy and useful that can be locked it may serve you better than a designer suitcase.

Secure your home before leaving.

Person setting home security alarm system in Tampa Bay, FL before leaving on vacation.

Most people do a quick walk around on their property to make sure things are in order before leaving. It’s important to close blinds and curtains and to double-check locks before you travel. Make sure that valuable items are put away like bikes, scooters, tools, and lawn equipment.

Lights with timers are another useful way to deter crime. They give the appearance that someone is home, and illuminate entryways to make things harder on potential criminals.

Some travelers may find it useful to speak to a trustworthy neighbor who can help keep an eye on their home while they are away.

Home security cameras are a very useful deterrent of crime. A camera that is clearly visible from the street that covers your front door is a great way to prevent break-ins. Newer technology allows homeowners to monitor cameras while away for extra peace of mind.

As an additional precaution, it is a good idea to have an extra set of house keys made in case you lose them while traveling.

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