Being proactive in the search for any services, whether it is a locksmith or not, is a smart choice. You can easily avoid being overcharged by a locksmith if you take time to research your options before an emergency comes your way.

You will find that most locksmiths charge specific rates based on the lock type, time of the service, and the time it takes to resolve your particular situation. Since each situation is different, it is good to get a solid estimate prior to any work being done. Take these three tips to find out how you can avoid a locksmith, who may charge you more than you should be charged!

Read Reviews

The easiest way to narrow down your locksmith choices is to read reviews of companies. Reviews, testimonials, and references all play a part in helping clients choose an affordable service. Gathering information on the company helps potential customers understand the value of their services.

Your comparison should NOT be solely to find the least expensive locksmith out there. Finding a quality locksmith should be based on a combination of experience, expertise, cost of services, and positive service feedback from customers.

Talk to Locksmiths in Advance

Locksmith scams prey on customers who are in a bind and need emergency services. Selecting your locksmith prior to an emergency can eliminate scams and will allow ample time to connect with a company that has a good reputation. Additionally, you will obtain a clear view of the locksmith's services and avoid any surprise costs during an emergency.

Get Multiple Quotes Ahead of Time

It is a good idea to request quotes from several reputable locksmiths in the Tampa, Wesley Chapel, and Brandon area ahead of time. Make sure that they have all the charges laid out in detail.

Additional Tips

Follow these tips to sniff out any locksmiths who might be looking to overcharge you.

  • Make sure your locksmith has a valid address, phone number, and any additional contact information.
  • Ask about additional charges they apply for emergency hours, mileage, or service call minimums.
  • Watch for fluctuating bids! The amount quoted to you online, by phone, or in person should be uniform.
  • Check the locksmith's license. This is required in Hillsborough County. If the locksmith is reputable, they will require your ID for proof of ownership before working with your home or vehicle.

To avoid being overcharged, it is important to ask questions, get information, and make an informed decision on the locksmith you will trust to service your home or vehicle. At Cheap Lock & Key, we are eager to answer any questions that you may have. Call us at (813) 545-5462 to get the information you need to make an informed decision.