Losing your keys or locking yourself out of your home or car can be a huge inconvenience, especially if you do not have any spare keys on hand or ones that you left with a trusted friend or family member. Instead of scrambling and stressing over what to do in this situation, it may benefit you to be proactive and create spare keys for your home or car.

Learn about how many spare keys you should have for your house or car in areas such as Tampa, Brandon, Wesley Chapel, and nearby communities of Florida's Tampa Bay area.

Create at least two spare keys for your car.

Locking car with a spare key in Tampa, FL.

If you bought your car used, you may only have one key for it. This can end up being a problem in the event you lose your key or lock your keys in the car. Losing your key is especially tough to deal with, since you will have to go through the process of getting new keys and having your car reprogrammed for new keys, as well as replacing the ignition to fit the new keys. This process can be timely and expensive, especially if you choose to go to the dealership to get everything replaced and fixed.

Instead of this, have two spare keys created for your car. A mobile locksmith can easily make spare keys that will both open your car as well as communicate with the computer inside. You can give an extra key to someone you trust, such as a close friend or family member who will be able to help you out if you need it in the future.

Most mobile locksmiths will be able to quickly arrive at your location to help create spare keys for you.

For your home, you also need at least two spare keys.

Spare master key unlocking door at a Wesley Chapel, FL home.

Losing the key to your house is also stressful since there is no way to get in without calling someone to help you. If you rent, that means a call to your landlord, who may charge a convenience fee for having to come and unlock the door. If you own the house, then you have to contact a locksmith who will come to your home. While a locksmith is the most convenient solution, it will take time out of your day and could make you late for work or school.

At Cheap Lock & Key, we recommend that you have at least two spare keys for your home or apartment. As with your spare car key, it is advised to leave one copy with someone you know and trust so they can come let you in and you can grab your keys.

Do you need spare keys for your home or car? Contact us.

If you have not purchased spare keys yet for your home or car, then our mobile locksmiths can help. We make spare keys for all types of vehicles and can arrive at your location within 30 minutes. We can also assist with key replacement needs. Contact us at (813) 545-5462 if you need a locksmith in Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Brandon, or surrounding Florida cities.