Master key systems are popping up everywhere and for good reason. They protect your business and increase security measures with just a few small changes to your existing locks. Master key systems are beneficial for businesses with different access needs and multiple employee tiers.

A master key system allocates the Grand Master Key to the owner or Senior Management and all other employees are customized to be able to access their specific entry points and inner doorways.

How Does the Master Key System Work

One key will grant access to all of the areas and buildings on the property. This is the Grand Master Key. After this key, the system allows changes for individuals or groups of people to be key holders, which makes access control more efficient. These key holders are given access to specific areas of the building.

Switching From Your Current Locks to a Master Key System

Setting your system up is a breeze for a professional locksmith! Cheap Lock & Key can switch your business's existing locks by simply rekeying them. In some circumstances, old or outdated door systems may need to be replaced. Other times, businesses choose to add padlocks to the system. Whichever you choose, a locksmith can quickly put together a plan to change your company's locks to a master key system.

Controlling the Number of Keys & Access Points of Employees

One of the top benefits of a master key system is that they offer high-security for your company. By reducing the master key to one single key or combination, you eliminate multiple keys or combinations being used.

In addition, since specific employees or groups of employees are given access to specific points, it is easy to reconfigure the locks on a few doors should that employee leave. This makes it easy to maintain proper security measures.

Master lock systems allow Senior Management to keep accurate records of keys and access points. Cheap Lock & Key can help your business set up employee key systems and give you the option for tracking them.

Call for a consultation on installing your master key system.

The master key system is an affordable solution for your business. Once you pay for the installation and keys, your system is good to go. A simple system increases your property's security without breaking the bank. Additionally, you reduce the number of keys needed to access doorways around your facility. It also reduces the time it takes for you to locate a key every time you need to open something.

Ask Cheap Lock & Key today about installing your new master lock system. By calling (813) 545-5462, you can schedule a consultation with one of our professionals and find out how you can upgrade your security with a small change.