We’ve all experienced losing our keys at some point. Losing your keys can be very frustrating and inconvenient, especially when you’re in a hurry to get somewhere. While there is no guaranteed way to never lose your keys, there are things you can do to lessen the chance of you losing them.

Here are five ways to make sure you don’t lose your car keys ever again in Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Brandon, and the surrounding areas.

Create a “Home” For Your Keys

One easy way you can always find your keys is to make a specific “home” for them. When you come home, always place your keys in the same spot every time, and make sure it’s away from clutter. By designating a spot for them and always placing them in that spot, you can drastically decrease the chances of you losing your keys.

Get Rid of Clutter in Your Home

One common reason why people lose their keys is that they place them among many other items, often in the midst of clutter. The less clutter there is, the fewer hiding places there are for your keys to get lost. If you keep your home, office, and other areas well-organized, it’s much easier to spot your keys or any other objects you may be looking for. Minimize piles of papers, office supplies, and other collections of mismatched items. This will drastically cut the amount of time spent looking for any missing objects.

Having a professional and trustworthy locksmith create copies of your key is a great way to make sure you have a backup plan in the event you do lose your keys.

Invest in a Remote Control Key Finder

These days technology can really make things easier, including finding lost keys and other items. If you’re prone to losing your keys, invest in a simple-to-use remote control key finder. There are many versions on the market so it’s easy to find one that fits your fancy and works for you. These remote key finders come with special keyrings you attach your keys to. When you lose your keys, simply press the button on the remote key finder and the keys will beep loudly so you can track them down. This is great for those who tend to lose their keys often or have multiple sets of keys. Just be sure you don’t lose the remote control!

Make a Spare Copy

This set of spare keys was made for a customer in Tampa, FL.

One of the most basic fail-safes is to make spare copies of your keys and always keep those copies in a designated place. Doing this won’t help you find your lost keys, but it will make it so you don’t have to hurriedly find your missing keys. Simply place these copies in a safe place, and the next time you lose your keys reach for one of the copies in its place.

Keep Your Keys on a Large Keychain

Small keyrings make it much easier for your keys to get lost in the dark reaches of your purse, bag, or among clutter and other items. Placing your keys on a large, preferably obnoxious, keychain, it makes it much harder to lose track of them. Large keychains don’t slip through small crevices as easily as small ones. Adding something that glows adds another level of precaution as glowing keychains are much easier to spot among other items, particularly when it’s dark.

Do you need spare key copies made in a jiff?

At Cheap Lock & Key, we provide affordable yet high quality locksmith services for clients in Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Brandon, and the surrounding areas. We can easily and safely repair, replace, and reprogram key fobs, smart keys, and other items. If you need some spare copies made, call us today at (813) 545-5462 for fast, affordable service!