According to the National Safety Council, Florida has had 93 child heatstroke deaths in vehicles since 1998. These unfortunate deaths result for a variety of reasons:

  • Children are naturally curious and find their way into a parked vehicle
  • A parent forgets that they have their child with them
  • A parent leaves a child in the car to run an errand and the child accidentally gets locked in 

If a child becomes locked in a car, the consequences can be severe. Our team members are dedicated to helping you safely use your vehicle. We help car owners with issues like lockouts and broken keys in and around Brandon, Tampa, and Wesley Chapel, FL. 

Explore these four tips to prevent locking children in the car. 

1. Teach your children that cars aren't safe places to play.

Children are naturally curious, so you should ensure to teach them that cars aren't safe places to play. Tell them to not use a car or car trunk as a spot for hide-and-seek and don't allow them to use your car as a play area.

Keep all of your keys and key fobs out of sight and out of reach of your children. This way, the temptation to enter your vehicle unsupervised won't even cross their minds. 

2. Don't leave a child unattended in any vehicle.

Never leave a child unattended in any vehicle, even if the air conditioning is on or a window is cracked. If a child is left attended, they may become accidentally locked in and be unable to let themselves out. Always take your child with you, even if you're running a "quick" errand. 

3. Keep your car locked when it's parked.

A locked car in a driveway in Brandon, FL.

Oftentimes, people will keep their car unlocked when it's in the garage out of convenience. This can be dangerous if you have small children at home. They may wander into the garage, enter your car out of curiosity, and then accidentally lock themselves inside. To prevent this from happening, keep your car locked when it's parked in the garage. 

4. Eliminate distractions when you drive. 

While everyone should eliminate distractions when they drive, this tip especially holds true when you're driving children around. Put your cellphone away and be aware that you have children in the car. When you arrive at your destination, you will be more in the moment and aware of your responsibilities. 

Place a personal item like your purse or shoes in the backseat as an extra reminder to look in the backseat. 

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