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How Long Does It Take to Compromise Your Residential Door Locks?

How Long Does It Take to Compromise Your Residential Door Locks?

Locksmiths have all the techniques and tools to get into your home when necessary, but this information is becoming more and more accessible with the use of the internet. The problem with traditional, outdated, or inexpensive outer-door hardware is that they can be easily compromised. This means your family, home, and possessions are vulnerable. How long can it actually take someone to compromise your residential door locks?

These techniques have been around for decades, and are still some of the easiest and most obtainable ways for people to break into your home.

What Are Bump Keys

For years, professional locksmiths have used bump keys to gain entry into homes for legal reasons. Now, with the use of the internet, anyone can find, create, or obtain a bump key and use them illegally to gain access to your home.

A bump key, also known as a 999 key, is a specialty key that can bypass security mechanisms in traditional pin and tumbler locks. These keys are cut to the maximum ...

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Why Make 2 Keys for Newer Gm Vehicles If You Only Lost 1

Why Make 2 Keys for Newer Gm Vehicles If You Only Lost 1

Cutting a new key for your vehicle may have been easier 20 years ago, but with modern times comes new technology and the focus on safety and security. Newer GM vehicle models are utilizing the transponder key or keyless entry remote systems in their vehicles to add protection for both you and your vehicle.

Keyless Ignition Systems Are Standard in Many GM Models

Many GM vehicles, within the past four years, have turned to the standard of keyless ignition systems. While it is not standard across the board on GM vehicles, many of their models come with the option for a keyless ignition system, such as:

  • Chevy Cruz
  • Sonic
  • Spark
  • Trax
  • Suburban
  • Tahoe
  • GMC Yukon or Yukon XL

Losing a key for these cars can become a headache for the vehicle owner. The only way to get a new key cut for systems utilizing keyless entry is to have an entirely new key programmed for your vehicle.

Once a new key is programmed for your GM vehicle, all previously programmed keys are...

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Vehicle Ignition: What You Should Know

Vehicle Ignition: What You Should Know

Ignition systems in cars have been evolving over the past two decades and have gone through three significant changes to get to a more reliable and faster system that has been adopted across models for years.

While the concept of producing a spark for ignition has not altered, the method of creating the spark has vastly improved.

Distributor-Based, Distributor-Less, & Coil-On-Plug Car Ignition Systems: From Solid-State to Computer-Controlled

Very early ignition systems used a method, which included a fully mechanical system, that used distributors to deliver a spark at the right moment. After this, the system was tweaked and the distributor-based ignition system was created. This car ignition system was equipped with solid-state switches and ignition control models.

This ignition evolved into the distributor-less system, which was more efficient and used an electronics. Today, the most advanced, electrical ignition used is the coil-on-plug. This is a...

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6 Travel Tips From an Automotive Locksmith for When You Are on a Road Trip

6 Travel Tips From an Automotive Locksmith for When You Are on a Road Trip

Traveling is one of the most exciting, yet stressful, things people decide to do. Feel comfortable and confident on your next road trip by taking into account some of these tips from Cheap Lock & Key. These tips will help you feel prepared to hit the road morning, day, or night!

1. Travel Essentials for Roadside Emergencies

Is your care equipped with all the necessary travel essentials? Whether you are traveling alone, with a significant other, or your entire family, being prepared with the essentials will relieve you of any roadside emergency issues.

Some of the most essential items everyone should travel with on a road trip include:

  • First Aid Kit
  • Flares/Flashlights
  • Blankets
  • Extra Water
  • Motion Sickness Tablets
  • Nutrition Bars
  • Spare Tire
  • Small Set of Tools

Bringing local maps of where you are traveling, an extra can of gas, spare set of keys, and back up phone batteries are helpful as well.

2. Schedule a Tune-Up

When was the last time you had an...

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What Is a VIN Number & Why Do Locksmiths Need It

What Is a VIN Number & Why Do Locksmiths Need It

Your vehicle's VIN# is a form of identification that allows both you and automotive mechanics to know exactly where it has been and what has been repaired. Your VIN#, or vehicle identification number, is comprised of seventeen characters that are assigned to the car when it is manufactured. These numbers never change during the lifetime of the vehicle.

The VIN# is unique and tracks everything that occurs to the car during usability. The standardized VIN# system was first established in 1981 and has been in use ever since. The character combinations are representative of multiple automotive identifiers. For example, the first three characters are the WMI or the world manufacturer identifier code.

Why is my VIN# Important?

Critical vehicle information can be determined or relayed simply by using your VIN#.

  • You can check the history report on a used vehicle.
  • You can identify a stolen car.
  • Repair parts require the VIN# to match the correct replacements.
  • In...
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