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Broken car keys with the new replacement keys.

Broken Car Keys

Broken auto key replacement, repair and/or extraction services.

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Fixing broken key situations in Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Brandon and surrounding areas is what we do.

Broken auto keys are still a problem today - even with all our new technology. Automotive keys can break anytime and for many different reasons. The most common reason is simply wear and tear. Just like anything else, keys that are used frequently will break over time. If you begin to notice cracks in your vehicle's keys, then you need to obtain a replacement key before it fractures. Our locksmiths are often called for key extraction because the client's key broke off while still in the ignition or car door lock. If your key is not turning appropriately once inserted in the door or ignition, please do not continue with excessive force as this will result in your key breaking. Occasionally, the lock or the ignition simply needs lubrication. Sometimes keys can break due to debris impacted in the lock or in the ignition. This can be caused by a lack of maintenance, causing dirt or other debris to build up, which can then obstruct the keyway.

Fixing a broken key for BMW in Brandon, FL.

Broken vehicle key fobs, remotes and transponders.

Not only do traditional keys break from wear and tear, so do key fobs, remotes and transponders. Our locksmiths encounter many different reasons these are broken. At times they are stepped on, ran over, lost or even were eaten by a dog! Even if your automotive keys don’t have an actual blade, they still will need repair if broken. Cheap Lock & Key has all the replacement auto keys, key shells, key fobs, remotes and transponders in our inventory. We will replace your broken keys and also re-program them.

If you have a broken key and are located in Hillsborough or Pasco County, give us a call at (813) 545-5462. We'll be to your location quickly to handle all your broken auto key replacement needs.

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